The Lacquer Ring – Paint Splat Hologram style

Hehe let me tell you a funny story… I forgot the TLR post was for today… I thought it was NEXT week hehehe so I rushed to take my polish off and work on this mani which I actually quite like.

I started with a base of LA Girl – Black Illusion that I lent from my Mum. It is a black polish with silver hologram bits.
I then splatted on LA Girl – Teal Dimension, Electric Coral and Purple Effect. It doesn’t show up very clearly but I love how the orange shows up. It is like a funky galaxy or something. I see that not much of Teal Dimension is picked up and that’s sad because on my thumb it looks awesome with the orange and purple.

Ok it isn’t the worlds BEST paint splat manicure but it’s subtle and I quite like it.


I don’t have any tutorials this week as I was trying to catch up on posts I was supposed to do a while ago so if you have any requests, feel free to leave me a comment ok!?

What do you think of this splat mani?

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Review of Owl water decals from Born Pretty Store

It’s so close to the weekend! I can hardly wait! It’s a fortnight week for us so we finish at 1pm this Friday so it’s like long weekend and I have an Avon order to collect! Can’t wait to try my new base coat by Avon and I ordered two pretty colours😀 oh yeah!!!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store review for you! And it is my first water decal review and use as I’ve never used water decals before. I thought you needed to be a PRO to use these water decals but they’re so easy to use!!

I painted my nails with Essence’s Kiss me Freddy, cut out the design I wanted, removed the clear film, soaked that in the water for about 15 seconds and then I removed the decal from the white backing with a tweezer and placed it on my nail. If there was excess water then I dabbed it off with a paper towel gently!
It’s literally so easy it isn’t even funny so let me show you my pretty mani😀
I decided to pair my mani with 3 pastel studs ALSO from BPS.

You get one sheet of water decals with various owl, bird and rose designs. You get 2 rows of 5 nail shapes with decals on them and each design has a duplicate, so there’s quite a few designs you can play around with.
Top coat doesn’t ruin the decal. They’re versatile to the base you put them on top of as my base was slightly sandy in texture and I had NO issues with the decal sticking.
You can purchase these rocking decals HERE for only $1.99.
Don’t forget to use my code BJHX31 to get 10% off your order.
BPS does ship to South Africa and you pay a cheap, standard postage rate so order yourself some nice goodies!!

I just want to quickly show you the pretty colour I paired my decals with!

Essence – Kiss me Freddy
It is a pale green glitter polish that is a little bit frosty.
Two coats for opacity and dries to a slightly sandy texture.
Only downside is mine chipped the next day on my thumb and I’m not sure why exactly?
The colour is very pretty in my opinion and quite different.

What do you think of my owl mani? It reminds me of my close friend Tanya who ALSO owns Kiss Me Freddy. Freaky huh?!

NAILlinkup Newspaper nails with Avon’s ASAP Pink

Hey I’m so impressed with my newspaper nails today because I totally cheated hehehehe😀
How was everyones weekend? Didn’t it go by too fast or am I the only one??

Ok let me show you my newspaper nails!
I started with a base colour of Avon Speed Dry 30 – ASAP Pink and then using Sinful Colors – Snow me White, I stamped on a newspaper design on Pueen50. It looks like a bunch of newspaper headlines collaged together in different directions.

I’ve tried before to do newspaper nails using alcohol and newspaper but the print has never transferred clearly. Have any of you tried and succeeded with that method?

Avon Speed Dry 30+ – ASAP Pink
It is a pastel pink creme.
Two coats for opacity. Formula is nice but can be streaky without a top coat.
Dries faster than a tornado! I love using Avon’s Speed Drys before bed because they dry so fast!
Sadly I had it on for about 3 days and then the cracks and chips started; BUT I still love the colour and it’s similar to Tip Top’s Melting Marshmallow which is a win seeing as Tip Top is no more now.

So what do you think of my newspaper nails and ASAP Pink?
Would you also cheat if you did newspaper nails???

Reviewing OMG Nail Strips

There’s no Stamping Sunday this weekend as I’m behind on a few reviews so today I just have gorgeous nails for you😀

Quite some time back, I was contacted by OMG Nail Strips to review their strips and I jumped at the chance because I haven’t worn many nail strips before! I chose 2 designs, the peacock one and a lace design. Today I’m showing you the peacock one (obviously).

To start, you get 2 rows of 7 for a total of 14 strips.
It isn’t many so you only have enough for one application on all your nails but the sizes are great and suitable for MOST nail sizes unless you have tiny, tiny fingernails.
Strips dimensions: Width of .39″-.68″ and length of 1.18″.

Packaging instructions:
1. Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes. Dry hands, then gently push back cuticles. Carefully remove any excess skin around the nail bed.
2. Select the appropriate sized nail strip for each nail to ensure the nail will be covered from sidewall to sidewall. If a nail strip is too large trim it with scissors to the appropriate width.
3. Peel off the clear plastic coating and then carefully remove the nail strip from the strip backing.
4. Start by placing the round end of the nail strip along the base of the cuticle. Smooth the strip along the base of the cuticle and towards the tip of the nail. Make sure to smooth out any bumps and tuck the strip neatly along the sidewalls of your nail.
5. File away any excess nail strip by holding your nail file parallel to the surface you will be working on, and file only in a downward motion away from the nail.
6. For best results apply a finishing topcoat and wait 5 minutes for it to dry completely.
Extra application tip from the WEBSITE:
After you have applied all ten polish strips, take a cotton ball the has been dipped in polish removed
with the excess remover wrung out, and swipe each nail 1-3 times, paying special attention to the
sidewalls, tips and cuticle area. This step is especially important, as it melts the strip to your nails, allowing for longer lasting wear.

They are very easy to apply. I had no issues and the bubbles I could see I got out by lifting and stretching the strip a bit further. It was even easy to apply the strip to my skew thumbnail and getting the WHOLE nail covered!
I recommend that you check what your top coat does on one nail before applying to the rest of your nails though. I used Sorbet’s base and top coat combo from my mom and it left my strips unsmooth and I’m sure that it brought some small bubbles out where there weren’t before so I’ll have to test that out with my second pack. They weren’t noticeable unless you INSPECTED my nails but it kind of bothered me.

Let me show you how gorgeous these strips look. The peacock design is just STUNNING!!!

I can’t tell you how challenging it was to wear these strips for long because I’m so used to doing my nails every 2/3 days but I persisted because I don’t have a polish problem😉
I applied them early Monday morning and this is my day 5 wear:


Left hand


Left hand


Right hand

There was tip wear on all my nails. My dominant hand had more wear but looks almost like the strips had shrunk.
My thumb had more as I got it stuck in my car door handle.
The strips are pretty hard wearing in my opinion. I really put them through a bit to see if they could handle some cleaning with Handy Andy, etc.
Even with some wear, I NEVER had of the strip sticking up to catch on my clothes/hair. This is ESPECIALLY true in regards to the thumb I got caught in the car door handle.
I’m sure I could have gotten longer wear if I used a thicker top coat as the Sorbet one is also very thin and runny.

They are a little bit difficult to remove too and normal nail polish did nothing except take off my top coat so I had to use pure acetone to remove these puppies.
So I’d recommend you use that for removal.

Would I wear these strips again?
Yes! I definitely think I’ll keep my lace strips for when I feel lazy and don’t want to do nail art to work AND I’ll seal it with Seche Vite rather so it could last possibly longer.
My leftover strips from the peacock strips, I’ll use for nail art some time as well. Reduce, reuse and recycle so nothing gets wasted!!!
I feel like the strips are fuss free and sometimes you just want pretty nails without fussing!

Have you tried strips from OMG Nail Strips? Or anywhere else? Tell me your experiences.

Please Note:
They have FREE shipping on all orders including US and international!
You can purchase 5 sets for $25 and individual packs $7.99.
Visit their WEBSITE to purchase or browse.

This product was provided for an honest review.

NAILlinkup – Rubber Duckie

So I’ve had some issues with my blog and posting photos. Turns out my application is no longer supported by WP so I’m blogging from my Android now. So retarded!!!!

Anyway so here is my rubber duckie post!
I was so in love with the Cutepolish’s pic that I got off of google and when I went to check, it’s actually a video tutorial!!! So my inspiration for this mani goes to CUTEPOLISH’S TUTORIAL!
I really did NOT know she had a tutorial so credit goes to HER for my pictorial.


My base colour is Essence – As long as you Love Me.
For the rubber duckie I used:
Essence – Wanna be your Sunshine, Essence – Black is Back, Sinful Colors – Snow me White and Tip Top – Solar Chic.
For the bubbles, I used a combination of Sinful Colors – Snow me White, Sinful Colors – Cinderella and Essence – Kiss me Freddy

The tutorial is very simple and easy to do!
1. Wipe nails down with acetone to remove excess oils.
2. Paint two coats of a neutral colour or grey and leave to dry thoroughly.
3. Using a earbud dipped in water and yellow polish, make the body of the duckie.
4. Using a smaller dotting tool and yellow polish, make a dot for the head slightly overlapping the body.
5. Using a striping brush and yellow polish, make two long flicks for the body shape (see photo for better description).
6. Fill in the body with your yellow polish.
7. Using a small dotting tool and black polish, make a dot for his eye.
Using a striping brush and orange polish, make a triangle sorts for his beak.
8. Finish your duckie off with a tiny dotting tool and white polish by making a small dot inside the first black dot.
9. For the bubbles, make three big dots of polish overlapping each other on a piece of board or plastic, dip your big dotting tool into that and dot around your duck and the base of your nail.
10. Make random bubble dots on the rest of your nails.
11. Finish with top coat.
12. Stand on your soapbox and enjoy😀

So is this something you’d try? Cutepolish did it for a baby shower and I think that’s a perfect idea!
Do you own any rubber duckies? I have one that my close friend Tanya gave me when she was working in America😀 I think rubber duckies are too cute!

NAILlinkup – Marsala

I started work yesterday again as we reopened. I had so many unread emails it was insane! Did any of you guys start yesterday too?

The first topic of the year for #NAILlinkup is Marsala. I don’t even know what shade it is exactly. It is probably more a shade like Sinful Colors – Rich in Heart than what I chose but ANYWAY!
PS: I think Marsala is a very sexy shade and word.

Tip Top – Flashback

I don’t really know how to describe the colour of this shade. It’s like a clay/terra cotta colour filled with silver flecks that’s suspended in the polish which makes it very interesting.
I’ve never been a fan of this colour until recently. I wore it twice during my holiday and everyone complimented me on it.

For my NAILlinkup mani, I decided to add a pretty bird and roses water decal from a pack that Born Pretty Store sent me to review.
I feel it needs nothing else. Ok it is more of a marsala-ish mani but anyway LOL!

So I’m keen to know, what Marsala shades do you own?
What do you think of Tip Top’s Flashback?

Stanping Sunday with Catrice – The Monkey gets Funky

I nearly forgot I had to do this blog post. I’ve taken off my OMG! Nail Strips so I’m swatching and having such a blast😀

Today is just a quick post with some cute shrooms!

Catrice – The Monkey gets Funky

Is a pretty, milk chocolate, brown creme with a golden shimmer throughout it.
Two coats for opacity and the formula is quite nice.
I’m not a brown person but for some strange reason I’m going through an earthy stage right now LOL.

I decided to accentuate the golden shimmer by topping my index and pinky finger with Catrice – Troussou and then I stamped on these cute little mushrooms from MoYou’s Fairytale 01 with a gold polish! You just don’t get cuter.
I then finished it off with a matte top coat.
It isn’t the best stamping but I quite like this!

Whatcha think?
Are you a fan of browns?
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The Lacquer Ring – Cobalt

Today is my last Friday and weekend of holiday so I really want to make the most of it😀
Are you guys back at the grind or also still relaxing???
It’s also been a tiny bit of a hard week as I’ve cut out carbs and sugars (somewhat banting) and I’m apparently in “carb withdrawal” as I’m nauseas quite often. Just shows myself how much of that I was consuming. It’s insane!

We postponed our TLR post to today and I’m glad Amanda chose cobalt because it’s a great colour! I’m not crazy about my mani but I do like it… Kind of.

My cobalt base is Sinful Colors – Endless Blue.
I then did some things on my ring and middle finger that were supposed to be star bursts but they don’t really look like that LOL and I did glitter gradients on my other fingers with Pipe Dream Polish – Treasure Chest that Lacquer me Silly gifted me with! This polish is just INSANE! That’s how gorgeous it is!

Do you own any cobalt polishes? What would you do for this cobalt prompt?

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LA Girl’s Purple Effect with neon studs from Born Pretty Store

Hello my lovelies! Did you miss me?! I missed writing and my blog. You know even if I had no readers I’d probably still write.
How was your New Year? Tell me about it!

Today I have a review of studs that Born Pretty Store sent me to review!

I received this 400 piece wheel from BPS which includes neon and pastel aluminum studs that are 2mm in size so they’d fit any nail size.
There are 12 colours in the wheel.
To order this item, click HERE.

The studs are very easy to apply and I’ve glued them down with clear polish (not fast drying) and nail-glue, both work with these studs. I do recommend using a tweezer to apply them because they’re so small and difficult to hold with your fingers.
I “sealed” them with top coat and they are hard wearing. I had no issues with them getting caught in anything.
These studs are amazing in my opinion!

I decided to do a border manicure with my studs using the neon pink studs and a neon yellow stud.
Due to their size they worked perfectly on the sides of my nails and sat nicely flat.

What do you think of this manicure and the studs?

Don’t forget to get 10% OFF by using my code when you order these rocking studs!

LA Girl – Purple Effect (3D Effect collection)

I’m not a purple fan but this is such a gorgeous, jelly purple. It is packed with hologram glitter that shines like mad in the sun.
Three coats for opacity. You could get away with two thicker coats.
Formula is a bit thin and you can’t go over the same spot too many times or else you’ll get bald spots.

Is this a purple you’d indulge in?😉 You know you want to😀
Ps: do you notice anything new around here😉

Items (studs) were sent to me for an honest review.